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Expanding Barriers

Overcome the Barriers of Cross Border Expansion in Asia

By: Humphrey Chan

Last modified: 29. March 2019

A global ecommerce solution that allows you to sell digital products to anywhere in the world and shields you from risk.


Successfully expanding into world markets requires the right local knowledge necessary to navigate the complexity that each region presents. This includes understanding the rules and regulations in selling digital products globally online. It’s important to partner with a global ecommerce provider that offers speed to market, complete risk management and the lowest rates in the industry.

Speed to market around the world

There is enormous opportunity to expand into international ecommerce for businesses that sell digital products. The Asia-Pacific region outperforms the rest of the world in terms of the share of its total retail market transacted online.1  Additionally, Chinese shoppers are rushing online to buy products from overseas – a trend called “Hai Tao” (roughly translated as “Ocean Search”).2

Dealing with challenges like fraud protection, legal compliance, localized needs and regulations, global taxes and financial liability can consume all of your time and take you away from the thing you do best—delivering great products and services to your valued customers.

MyCommerce gives you the localization tools you need to quickly land and expand into global markets to reach more customers quickly and effectively—preferred payment methods, currencies, languages and customer service support. The MyCommerce platform automatically configures your localized store with 23 languages, nearly 50 currencies and 20+ local payment methods included out of the box to help you connect with customers and convert more sales.

Complete risk management

Eighty-seven percent of small- to medium-sized businesses find compliance with regulations to be a significant barrier to international ecommerce expansion.3

MyCommerce acts as both Merchant and Seller of Record on your behalf, offering complete risk management (fraud protection, legal compliance, global taxes, financial liability), and also handles end-to-end order management.

What are the advantages of partnering with an ecommerce company that acts as your Merchant and Seller of Record?

As Merchant of Record, your ecommerce partner will assume liability to the financial institution that processes the end consumer’s credit and debit card payments. They’ll be responsible for all full and partial returns to the consumer’s card, as well as any chargebacks initiated by the consumer.

An ecommerce solution that acts as Seller of Record assumes responsibility for collecting sales tax and filing taxes. This will greatly simplify your accounting burdens, as tax laws are complicated and vary widely around the world.

The best value for your money

Our self-service approach puts all the features and capabilities you need to create a global online store at your fingertips, with no development experience needed. Get your ecommerce site up and running quickly…and easily manage it from any connected device wherever you are.

Learn 5 tips for launching a multi-lingual website.

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