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Australia Ecommerce Market

Access Australia: How to Successfully Sell Software in a Booming Region

By: Humphrey Chan

Last modified: 29. March 2019

If you’re not selling in Australia and New Zealand, you should be—they are expected to be the next hot spot for ecommerce in the region. This is due to the high levels of internet usage (85% and rising), popularity of handheld devices (19.4 million users) and a strong infrastructure for growing an online business. Research by eMarketer predicts that ecommerce sales in the region will exceed $32 billion by the end of 2017, putting them in the top 10 ecommerce markets worldwide.

So how do you prepare to compete in this booming market? There are a few things you need to research before you sell into Australia:

1.    Payment Methods: In order to effectively sell in Australia, it is imperative that you do your research on what payment methods are popular so that your customers feel comfortable purchasing from your site. Credit and debit cards are very popular in Australia, as are third party processors like PayPal. Providing the right payment methods at checkout and a mobile-friendly checkout experience will make Australians more comfortable buying from your site and increase conversions.

2.    Customer Support: Support that is available in the format your customers prefer is very important in retaining those consumers. According to ICMI, about 2/3 of Australian customers prefer to only use the phone as a last resort. While still 59% end up using the phone, 33% use self-service support and 21% use live chat. And over 40% of Australian customers think they should be able to contact the same agent regardless of if they switch channels. Thinking about different options you can provide to support your customers will increase customer satisfaction and, ultimately, keep them coming back.

3.    Localized Content: Even though Australians speak English, it is important to remember that words often have different context and meaning. So when writing your product descriptions, make sure the wording you are using is in line with what they would expect. Also, remember that their seasons are the opposite of those in the Northern hemisphere, so seasonal promotions and sales may not be relevant. Making sure your content aligns with the language and culture in Australia is imperative to successfully sell to this growing region—and it’s a good idea to have your content reviewed by in-country experts.

Australia’s ecommerce market is growing rapidly and offers an excellent opportunity to expand your online software business. Doing your research beforehand on the specific markets you want to enter will result in more successful sales conversions in each region.

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