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SWREG® offers you the e-commerce technology and tools that you need to grow your online sales—all at a great value. It’s quick, easy and fully customizable, so your order pages and shopping cart have your look and feel. Just create your free account on SWREG, add your products and you can be selling online in minutes! Now you can concentrate on building your business, while SWREG manages your online sales process. Build your business the simple and powerful way.

SWREG is a global cloud commerce solution with:

  • Numerous payment options and currencies, including phone and fax order support in 16 countries – making it easier for your customers to buy your products
  • Complete customization of the cart and order pages putting you in control of how you sell
  • Event Notification System allows you to receive notices for completed or refunded orders
  • Easy-to-use Shop Administration Area lets you add your products easily in just minutes

Let SWREG give you the e-commerce advantage. SWREG’s robust, flexible and customizable features make it easy, pain free and affordable to build your online business around the world.

MyCommerce is your global expert in cloud commerce. We’ll help you grow your business.

SWREG is one of Digital River’s MyCommerce solutions. All MyCommerce solutions are secured by Digital River’s enterprise e-commerce infrastructure, which includes a proven payment gateway, advanced fraud prevention, 24x7 customer service and much more.