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B2B or global e-commerce. We have you covered.

The power to take you further. If you’re looking to grow your international e-commerce business or take your B2B online sales to the next level, then you need Share-it.

Sell as if you’re local even when selling globally

Help your buyers feel comfortable and confident by providing them with an order process in their own language. Localization will allow you to reach more consumers and increase your sales. Set up your order pages in over 20 different languages. Your buyers will also have access to multi-language customer service phone and email support.

Go global the way you want with Share-it’s robust tools

Pricing should make sense to buyers, which is why we offer 47 display currencies, fixed pricing in Euro, US dollar and pound sterling, with the option to add 13 more. All currency conversion rates are updated daily and we take care of the tax calculation during the order process.

Also, with 22 payment methods, your buyers will be able to make purchases using a payment method that they are comfortable with.

Make your brand known around the globe by customizing the order process to match your website's design and layout. Or, use Share-it’s 3 default styles for product and order pages that you can use as is, or customize to make your own.

Geo-mapping lets you get a visual image of your global success and market presence. Sales are displayed on a world map, which may help you discover new ways to position or market a product when you see exactly where it is most popular.

Ensure a steady revenue stream using our cloud-based subscription billing solution. Offer your existing customer base more choices ranging from subscription periods to billing intervals.

Boost your revenue with our specialized affiliate program

Increase your product and brand exposure through our affiliate network and reach new pools of customers. You choose your affiliates and specific products they can market on their sites and offer a commission on any generated sales they drive. It's easy for you to reach targeted audiences around the world. You can quickly and easily track your affiliate sales. Depending upon the affiliate management program you choose, you can also offer your affiliates their own administration and collaboration options in the affiliate control panel —and Share-it will even handle payments to your affiliates.

B2B and reseller management expertise to handle all the details for you

Let us focus on the details so you can focus on your business. Our system offers powerful tools for reseller management and business-to-business sales and we handle the day-to-day administration tasks such as order processing, payment processing, product delivery and invoicing.

Reseller Management

  • Define customized discount levels
  • Create different product catalogs for different partners
  • Reward high-performing resellers with special discounts

B2B Sales

  • Establish key accounts for your top buyers
  • Create customized prices and discounts
  • Offer customized product catalogs
  • Specify credit lines for each key account


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