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Sell, protect and manage your products.

Esellerate's cloud commerce solutions offer highly advanced, comprehensive features and services, grounded in common sense and flexible to meet your every need.

Sophisticated and flexible features give you control through the buying process so you can sell more

  • In-app cloud commerce solution: Make sales within your app so buyers never have to leave
  • Cart preservation: Retain information and product selection in order to streamline the check-out process and lend your customers a helping hand
  • Cloud-based subscription billing lets customers purchase your products with a recurring billing option that allows for more buying flexibility and greater access to your products
  • Entice buyers with sales promotion codes: Pre-fill codes during checkout or have customers simply enter a coupon ID to take advantage of a number of discount options
  • Cross-sell and up-sell your products: Let buyers take advantage of related products or enhanced versions of products to improve their user experience

Advanced solutions provide protection and peace of mind for you and your buyers

  • Protect your software against casual software piracy with Esellerate Product Activation
  • Data protection: Trust our 128-bit encryption and SSL, 24/7 network monitoring, redundant Internet backbones and providers, and extensive fraud detection measures
  • Host existing serial numbers or generate new ones, all without compromising security

Comprehensive e-commerce tools to manage every aspect of your store in real-time

  • Instant account access from anywhere: Our solutions are all real-time to efficiently handle maintenance, activation, transaction, fulfillment, order notification, and much more
  • SplitPay makes paying your programmers and designers of your product simple by distributing funds for you
  • 24/7 Customer Service: We pride ourselves on having the best support staff in the industry

Pricing that is simple for an e-commerce solution that is completely customizable

  • Pricing that's straightforward, no complex formulas to work through just to find out what you earn on a transaction
  • No set-up fees, monthly fees or cart add-on requirements
  • Pricing from 7.9%

Embedded Web Stores

Drive sales in-app

Manage your product throughout the entire lifecycle.

Our in-app solution, the Embedded Web Store (EWS) takes e-commerce to a whole new level. You can manage every aspect of customer relationships for the full product lifecycle. EWS gives you a comprehensive suite of marketing and sales solutions, with the unparalleled convenience of being entirely within the application.

Now you can offer upgrades (paid and unpaid), new versions, up-sells or cross-sells directly to your customers who buy within the convenience and trust of your product application. Your buyers get instant gratification and you increase your conversion rates.

So not only will the initial buying process be seamless for customers, but also all future upgrades, renewals, add-ons and every other commerce feature will be just as simple. Your products will be transformed into intuitive sales machines that maximize the buying potential of each customer for as long as they own the product.

How does the Embedded Web Store (EWS) Work?

By simply embedding a small SDK into your application, you unleash unlimited sales opportunities. For example, if someone is using a trial version of your product, when they are ready to buy, a simple call from within your application launches a recognizable web-based interface that takes your customers through a familiar and comfortable online sales process. Upon completion of the purchase, serial number information can then be passed directly back into your application, automatically making it a fully registered product. And EWS allows you to do this throughout the product's lifespan, so regardless of what you're trying to sell—upgrades (paid and unpaid), new versions, up-sell or cross-sell—your customers will be able to buy with the convenience and trust of your product application.

Multiple Platforms, More Success

The Embedded Web Store works within applications designed for both Windows and Macintosh. This exciting capability means no matter who wants your product, you'll be able to deliver the goods.


Flexibility to grow your sales

Seamless integration into untapped markets.

Esellerate's cloud-based subscription services are an alternative payment and licensing model that gives you the opportunity to attract new buyers. Buyers can purchase your products with a recurring billing option that allows for more buying flexibility and greater access to your products. And our subscription services work flawlessly with all of Esellerate's other cloud commerce tools.

A subscription payment model provides a number of benefits to both you and your customers. Benefits include:

  • Providing additional licensing and payment options to your customers
  • Offering a convenient alternative to the standard one-time purchase
  • Creating a recurring, predictable revenue stream that may better support your business efforts
  • Allowing buyers to match a payment plan to their budget
  • Increasing your customer base and revenue

There are a number of features and options that allow you to tailor subscription payment plans to meet your needs. Our unique features include:

  • Subscription durations set for 1-12 months
  • Variable billing frequency set annually, semi-annually, quarterly, semi-monthly or monthly
  • Manual or automatic subscription renewals
  • Automatic email notification of renewals and expirations to your customers
  • Allowable grace periods that can be set up to 99 days
  • Custom acceptance and cancellation terms
  • Optional independent use, updates and technical support billing terms

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