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Complete customization, it’s e-commerce your way.

You’re in control of everything you need with Esellerate. We provide you with the tools and functionality to create your ideal e-commerce experience. Whether you’re on a Mac or PC, we have the solutions to get you up and selling.

When it comes to e-commerce, the key is to find a solution that is sophisticated enough to do what you need, but simple enough for customers to easily make purchases. Most e-commerce providers offer seemingly comprehensive tools, but are limited in their sophistication and flexibility, which means you have very little control over what you can do. Esellerate gives you control of all the tools to take buyers through the purchasing process.

With an Esellerate Web Store, you can:

  • Modify your site any way you'd like, at any time
  • Control the user experience from single-page order forms to multi-page processes
  • Customize your store from the first page of the cart all the way to the receipt
  • Use your own website's layout, design and graphics to create a seamless experience
  • Use CSS style sheets, JavaScript, QuickTime and Flash (just to name a few)

In-app cloud commerce solution – the Embedded Web store

Our in-app solution, the Embedded Web Store (EWS) takes e-commerce to a whole new level. You can manage every aspect of customer relationships for the full product lifecycle. EWS gives you a comprehensive suite of marketing and sales solutions, with the unparalleled convenience of being entirely within the application.

So now you can offer upgrades (paid and unpaid), new versions, up-sells or cross-sells directly to your customers who buy within the convenience and trust of your product application. Your buyers get instant gratification and you increase your conversion rates.

Advanced merchandising options to drive revenue and generate more sales

Feature additional and complimentary products during checkout—with or without a discount—to maximize each customer's buying potential. Not only can you increase your sales, but you can also let buyers take advantage of related products to improve their user experience.

Coupon Discounts
Entice customers with sales promotion codes. You can pre-fill codes during checkout or have buyers simply enter in a coupon ID to take advantage of a number of discount options. Promotional options include: SKU purchase combination that will qualify the discount, discounts based on the whole order amount or the price of select SKUs, minimum order amounts, coupons for specific affiliates, usage limitations (i.e. first 1,000 customers receive a discount) and nearly any other promotion imaginable.

Promote the sale of enhanced or specialized versions of the product being purchased. You can offer a discounted upgrade, and the item will replace the original item at the time of purchase. Up-selling is a convenient way to capitalize on what would otherwise be a standard purchase.

Affiliate Program
Esellerate's affiliate program makes it simple for you to establish an expanding network of affiliates who can market your products for you. You can increase your sales opportunities with affiliates promoting your products to specific audiences. You have full control with customizable landing pages while accessing additional sales channels. And best of all, it’s free and simple to take part in this opportunity.

Digital River Try & Buy Network
The Digital River Try & Buy Network combines all of the Digital River affiliate catalogs, including Esellerate, to feed to our distribution partners online. Our combined catalog matches the largest collection of digital goods available with the top performing download sites and distribution networks — bringing you the opportunity to reach tens of millions of downloads and views each month. A single approval will give you access to all Try & Buy partners.

More buying flexibility and increase access to your products with subscription services

Esellerate's cloud-based subscription services are an alternative payment and licensing model that gives you the opportunity to attract new buyers. Buyers can purchase your products with a recurring billing option that allows for more buying flexibility and greater access to your products. And our subscription services work flawlessly with all of Esellerate's other e-commerce tools.

Support that’s there all along the way if you need it

Get the right answers, right away.
We see support as a solution in itself. Our support staff is proud to be the best in the industry. At Esellerate, we believe that supporting our clients is just as high a priority as our innovative cloud commerce solutions.


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