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Complete customization.

Sell your products the way you want with Esellerate®. Cross borders and platforms with a customizable solution offering unique subscription features and functionality for both Mac and PC products.

Delivering comprehensive solutions, Esellerate helps you sell, protect and manage your products throughout the entire product lifecycle. To further increase your product’s exposure, you can take advantage of Esellerate’s distribution opportunities, including a feature-rich affiliate program.

Esellerate is a global cloud commerce solution with:

  • Complete customization of your web store and order form down to the details. You have the flexibility to tailor the perfect solution for you
  • Cloud-based subscription billing: Offer a convenient way to pay, attract new types of buyers and create a steady revenue stream
  • In-app purchasing: Improve conversion rates and keep your customers around by selling securely within your application
  • We are pioneers in e-commerce with Mac products. We understand the Mac market. We offer multiple platforms, for more success, so whether PC or Mac, you can deliver the goods

Esellerate is your fast track for online sales, with flexible and customizable solutions for all types of digital goods. Esellerate is highly advanced cloud commerce grounded in common sense, so you can sell the way you want.

MyCommerce is your global expert in cloud commerce. We’ll help you grow your business.

Esellerate is one of Digital River’s MyCommerce solutions. All MyCommerce solutions are secured by Digital River’s enterprise e-commerce infrastructure, which includes a proven payment gateway, advanced fraud prevention, 24x7 customer service and much more.