Freitag, Februar 22, 2013
Why are API’s Important?

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Recently, we talked with MyCommerce Group Vice President Tom Beidle about the future of MyCommerce. One of the topics Tom spoke about are the new API’s MyCommerce will be offering our customers. While I had heard of API’s, I’ll be honest and say I had very little insight into what they are and how businesses can use them. I’m going to make a small assumption here and presume that many business owners feel the same way. So I spoke with Nick Melnick, Associate Director of Development for MyCommerce to get more information on how businesses can benefit from the API’s we offer.

What is an API? Yelp

API stands for Application Programming Interface. The basic function of an API is that it allows different software programs to interact with each other and mold their best features together. An API is used to enhance these features and add to the functionality of both applications. For example, a search on Yelp or other mobile applications that integrates with Google Maps brings back results along with their locations. There is an API that connects Yelp and Google Maps together to integrate their systems with each other and display where a restaurant is along with its review. Without API’s, mobile apps, social media, ecommerce and many more online industries would not be as advanced as they are today.

Why do API’s matter for a business?

So why are they so important? Most companies today have several software systems - one for accounting, CRM, sales, etc. Giving the software the ability to work together is becoming increasingly important for both synergy and financial reasons. It also can help simplify incredibly difficult or time-consuming tasks into much easier processes.

Companies have also realized the possibilities API’s can provide for their customers, and have created their own tools to enhance their own systems. Twitter just launched an API that will allow users to integrate their social media advertising with their social CRM tools and simplify the advertising process. For MyCommerce, our API’s are designed to help our clients automate many of the processes that were formerly done manually. Our customers will have the option to fully integrate with our systems without requiring them to log into a web browser, and will give customers complete control over their stores and the ability to create their own environment.

With API’s, developers can quickly and inexpensively launch useful tools to benefit both the business and their customers'.  With an increasing number of businesses creating and adopting API’s into their systems, the best is yet to come.
Chris Hoell

Chris Hoell serves as the Social Media Marketing Manager for Digital River MyCommerce. His responsibilities include maintaining and growing the social networks of MyCommerce through blogging, webinars and other types of social engagement. Prior to joining MyCommerce, Chris was part of the business development unit of Systems Maintenance Services and the inside sales office of the HP Home and Home Office store. 

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